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Post date: 05/01/19

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The Xu Lab has been the “trailblazer” of mitochondrial genetics and inheritance in Drosophila. They pioneered a genetic approach to select for inheritable mtDNA mutations in flies, which paved a way to tackle several of the most fundamental but unresolved issues concerning mtDNA genetics and diseases. They uncovered a novel selective inheritance mechanism that limits the transmission of harmful mtDNA mutations in female germline. They are currently focusing on the cellular processes regulating mitochondrial genome organization, segregation and expression, and exploring how these regulations impact mtDNA inheritance. They are also undertaking a high risk endeavor to develop methods for mtDNA transformation in metazoans.

Roles and Responsibilities

This position will offer a unique opportunity to work at the intersection of Drosophila genetics, highly resolution imaging, bioenergetics and metabolic regulations. We aim to provide training opportunity for fellow to lauch their career in academics and industry. They will be focusing on designing and conducting scientific research, composing research report and manuscripts, presenting their work at lab/center meetings and scientific conferences, mentoring students and collaborating with other scientists inside and outside the lab.

About You

We seek highly motivated candidates who ideally have experience in molecular and cell biology, biochemistry and genetics. Candidates must have a Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. degree and a record of at least one first-author publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.


Please email Hong Xu your curriculum vitae and a cover letter describing the following information:
1) A brief description of candidates past research projects.
2) What are your long-term and short-term scientific goals?
3)What is your career goal?
4) The names of 3 references

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